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Land and Climate

Land and climate

Lives and livelihoods

The climate crisis is destroying lives and livelihoods across the world. People living in poverty – especially women – are most affected. This needs to change.

Rich countries and corporations are largely responsible for climate change. But people living in poverty, who have done little to cause the climate problem, bear the brunt of its effects. They often live in vulnerable places such as flood plains, slums or areas decimated by drought.

Climate justice means ensuring that people who are suffering get support and compensation. People must adapt and build resilient livelihoods in the countryside as well as in cities.

Making sure smallholder farmers have control over their food sources and way of life is vital. Fairer distribution of land and resources is needed, as well as better access for women, indigenous peoples, young people and other excluded groups. We must also promote sustainable agroecological agriculture and support smallholder Farmers.