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Climate change is today not tomorrow, act now !

Dear world leaders, policy makers,   

Climate change is not a game, it’s true and real, we must act now or never. Today people and
the planet stand at the cross roads, and they are worry about what they are seeing and living
day by day in all over the world. They are worry because world leaders are not worry about
the negative impact of climate change.  Despite the Paris agreement where  195 countries and
world leaders committed to take concrete actions to reduce significantly carbon gas emissions
drive by the utilization of fossil energy and human activities  and to stop negative impacts of
climate change which affect the  more vulnerable people among them: children, women, elder
persons, disables peoples, farmers,  displaced people by climate change, etc. nothing  have
change really because  the majority  of world leaders keep doing the same and don’t have cry
about the future.  
the long droughts and floods observed around the world due to global warming are
exacerbating conflicts in Africa and Asia. This resulted in food insecurity is observed more in
the North and the center region of Senegal, where people are exposed to different types of
vulnerability (social, economic, cultural).  Some of them are not able to meet basic food and
nutrition needs all year round which is affecting their right to food and expose them to
migration to the capital city Dakar and after in Europe as country of destination with the risk
of human trafficking.  

It’s time to change the economic model which driver climate change  

Different studies, reports and testimonies reveled that industrial agriculture with the use of
chemical fertilizers and monoculture practices, particularly in in developed countries, are a
major contributor to climate change. Currently, oil burning is responsible for about 30% of all
carbon dioxide emissions to air... 
The use of fossil fuels, mostly by the rich developed countries is having devastating impacts
on the coastal regions of Africa and Asia where sea levels are rising due to global warming. 
Heatwaves are hitting Europe with more frequency and reaching record-breaking
temperatures 30 and 45 ° C. in countries that have never experienced that kind of heat before.
In the United States of America, floods caused by strong winds and heavy rains have resulted
in the loss of life and material damage beyond measure.  

Resistance and alternatives  

The mobilizations of social movements, youth association, women association, activist, NGO,
environmentalist all around the world is a signal of people decided to assume their
responsible to protect their live today and the future. This is to say to the world leaders that 
they don’t need to meet if they will not bring on the table concrete and immediate solutions
to reduce significantly the global warming and sufficient funding to support vulnerable
countries to adapt to climate change impact.  So we need climate action. 
ActionAid in Senegal believe that investing in carbon storage through reforestation,
mangrove reforestation, water harvesting, investing in renewable energy like solar
promotion and reduce the use of fossil fuel can help to reduce the sea level rising and
Nowadays many renewable energy sources are available for use, for example solar and wind
energy and water power. Ironically, we still gain most of our energy from non-renewable
energy sources, commonly known as fossil fuels. The non-renewability of these sources will
probably cause prices to rise up to a point where they are no longer economically feasible.